Do Solar Panels Cause Roof Leaks?


Have you heard that rooftop solar panels require small holes in your roof and you’re concerned about leaks? Don’t be. Solar panels in Edmonton do not cause your roof to leak. Do they require holes in the roof yes, but not to worry. A professional solar panel installer will use the proper equipment in order to avoid leaks.

How does it work?

When rooftop solar panels are installed, the installer will need to make small holes in your roof. This is done in two ways and both ways avoid roof leaks. One method is to install barriers. These special attachments divert the water around the hole and continue running down the roof. The second method is a dimple, that creates a proper seal between your roof and the outside world.

Ideally solar panels are installed at a 20-30 degree angle, so many times the panels aren’t installed directly into the roof, rather onto railings that are your installer will set up to provide the proper angle.

Interesting to note is that folks that have installed solar panels are noting that they’re roofs are actually lasting longer than they normally would. This is because solar panels provide protection from the elements. Without a solar panel, your roof is exposed to rain and snow, but most of all the sun. The sun erodes and breaks materials down much quicker than if it’s left shaded. Your panels can provide that necessary shade to protect your roof. Also before installing solar panels, it’s recommended that your roof be in tip top shape, to prevent having to move the panels to do repairs.

Roof top solar panels are by no means new. These methods for preventing roof leaks are proven effective over the test of time. The pioneers of solar energy have worked out all the kinks, making this clean form of energy the most sensible available on the market today.

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