5 Impractical Design Decisions and Their Solutions


You can easily get overwhelmed by the bizarre world of interior design. The gorgeous displays of decor shops and the pictures in the interior magazines, makes it looks like a child’s play. There is more to home design, than choosing furniture and carpeting. We all want to indulge a certain lifestyle, which is usually represented in the way you arrange your living place. Whether you are the artsy or the classy type, your home is a reflection of your personality.

The problem is that often there is a discrepancy between the image we have for ourselves and what we need in reality. For example, you may want a living room filled with sophisticated accessories. But do you really have the time for all the cleaning and dusting. What about the trendy furniture piece that is uncomfortable as hell? Save yourself some dramatic mistakes by avoiding these impractical decor features.

1. Dysfunctional Layout

New homeowners often dismiss an important element of their home décor – the layout. It doesn’t matter if you picked the best furniture, if you positioned it wrong. Be sure that there is a natural flow between the different spaces. Otherwise you may feel frustrated every time you need to go around the massive table that stands on your way.

Solution: Take a look at your room and the floor plan sketches before moving the furniture. Make different versions of your plan to ensure optimal results. If you have children, try to create safe layout. For instance, keep the furniture away from windows, as your little child can climb and a fall out. To minimize the risks for incidents, stick with the open layout.

2. Furniture in Wrong Colour

The furniture looks great in the store, but when you take it home it turns hideous. There may be two reasons for this classic scenario. First, you didn’t check the colour. Second, the shade of your walls changed the tone of the furniture. Yes, this could actually happen.

Solution: Always check the colour in daylight, while in the store. Pick furniture that is close or in the same colour scheme as your walls. You can, as well, fix or adjust the tone with a proper lightening.

3. Over – Stylized Decor

Home accessories are great for adding character and style to your home. Don’t go overboard with your accents and details, because they will visually clutter the space.

Solution: Find middle ground between functionality and aesthetics. The ideal purchase will include appliances that blend in the interior and have practical application.

4. Wrong Materials

The appearance is not everything! When getting new appliances you need to consider their basic maintenance. Cleaning will be part of your daily routine, so why not make it easy on you. Getting granite or quarts countertops have a specific maintenance. Cleaning the grease out of these types of materials is a real nightmare. The same goes for the amazing honeycomb tiles. On theory they look amazing, but in reality you will spend hours trying to get the food residue out.

Solution: Research each material before buying the fixtures and appliances.

5. The Disastrous Wall Colour

The wrong wall colour is a classic design mistakes. You don’t have the habit of testing the paint? That’s a huge “no-no.” You will most certainly end up with disappointing results. Of course, it’s not impossible to fix it, but you can spare yourself the stress and the costs.

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