4 Ways To Use Multiple Mirrors In Modern Homes


We love mirrors, and if there is one thing we have come to learn in our years in interior design, one mirror is never enough. From focal points to functional pieces, mirrors are one of the easiest ways to make a style statement in your home, and we have handpicked the four best ways to make multiple mirrors work for you.

Focal Feature

The presence of radiators and underfloor heating in homes across the country means that very few need to use open fires, making fireplaces pretty redundant. Fireplaces are often considered to be the focal point in a living or dining area, but we love how this designer has used huge mirrors to create a stunning central focus. Symmetrical monochrome frames create a clean, modern look that would lend itself just as well to the latest geometric pattern wallpaper as it does to plain painted walls. Alternatively go all out with ornate art deco frames if you have a favourite period you want to feature in your living space.

Stunning Stairwell

One place that can sometime be lacking in interesting design as well as illumination is the landing and stairwell, and this image shows that multiple mirrors are the answer to both your lighting and your decorating dreams. Whether you go for uniform size, shape and colour or a completely eclectic mix, there is no denying that decorating your stairwell with many mirrors will not only create an eye catching feature in your home, but it will also maximise all available light too.

Divine Dividers

If you have a studio apartment or a snug terraced home, it can be difficult to define different areas within without making the space seem smaller. Instead of using curtains or room dividers, hang multiple mirrors on the wall to set an area apart, such as a cosy lounge or dining space. Using your walls to create defined areas within your home keeps the floors free of clutter, plus bespoke mirrors beautifully illuminate your room to give the illusion of it being far larger.

Bathroom Beauties

One room we will always need a mirror in is the bathroom, but why just stick with one? There are so many colours and styles to choose from, and if you are an antiques lover then you will be simply spoilt for choice in at your local flea markets. Display your treasured finds on simple shelves stacked behind your bathroom vanity unit or wash basin so that you and your guests can choose which mirror to check your reflection in.

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