3 Affordable yet Durable Flooring Options for Your Home


Selecting the right flooring for your home can be daunting as you need to consider several factors such as durability, budget, moisture, and appearance. Since flooring will cover a big area of the home, it gives significant effects to the look and ambiance of where it is installed. Take a look at these types of flooring if you want to get ones for your home. 

Hardwood flooring 

Hardwood flooring is made from planks pulverized from a piece of timber. People like to use this flooring mostly because it offers high durability. This makes hardwood flooring is often installed in any area at home with high traffics such as the kitchen, hallways, and main living room. 

It has a beautiful natural look that goes well with a wide variety of decors. This flooring not only provides a warm ambiance but also can be refinished numerous times. The price of this flooring is quite reasonable for the great quality it owns. Although it is long-lasting, it cannot be installed everywhere as it is prone to moisture. Hence, you should avoid installing it in the bathroom or laundry room. 

Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a type of flooring that has long, narrow strips and features four layers that make it thicker compared with standard vinyl flooring. It comes with the look combination of hardwood or stone as well as pretty durable. It is available in numerous colors and patterns to allow for suitable installment in any space at home. 

This flooring requires easy maintenance in which the homeowners only need to sweep and mop for daily maintenance. A little damage on this floor can be easily repaired with a vinyl repair kit whilst bigger damage often needs replacing the entire flooring. 

The materials of luxury vinyl are affordable but can be higher if you use professional installation. Luckily, easy installation is the main attraction of luxury vinyl flooring. It utilizes a click-lock system so that its edges and tips can snap together allowing homeowners to install it by themselves right away. 

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that comes with synthetic multilayers that are fused in the laminating process. The look of laminate is quite similar to wood, ceramic, or tile making it get along with any home décor. It also eases to installation that homeowners can perform themselves and can be installed over the previous flooring. 

Laminate flooring is known to have study construction that can resist any bend and scratch even from hard plastic items. However, it has a very hard surface that can be slippery when wet. Besides, it cannot be refinished so you will have the same look from the first it is installed in your home. As for the price, the material of laminate flooring is affordable.  

To wrap up, hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, and laminate flooring are just options when you look for durable yet affordable flooring options. To get the right one, it is important to know where you install it and how you will install it because it will affect the budget. 

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